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Business Cards


If you're looking for flimsy, dime-a-dozen business cards, you've come to the wrong place. We print thick, vibrant business cards that are a reflection of your professionalism.

When your cards arrive, we are confident that you will have a product that your are proud to present to others.

We provide various types of paper stock that will give the effect need. Do you need a ultraviolet high gloss card? Do you need it printed on both sides? Do you need a business card that is glossy on one side but writable on the other side? We've got you covered!

Here are the paper types we provide with a plain-English explanation.

Business Card Paper Types

  • 100# White Linen Cover
    This stock is thick with a textured feel. Running your finger across this paper yeilds a soft and smooth sensation. This stock will give your card a luxurious appearance.

  • 14pt High Gloss Front
    This paper type is sturdy with a high gloss shine on the front of the card. This shinny paper type will catch the eye. The back of the card has a smooth feeling with minimal gloss. This type of paper is great if you want to be able wright on the back of the card.

  • 14pt High Gloss Front and Back
    This paper stock is sturdy with a high gloss shine on the front and back of the card. A ultraviolet coating is applied to make colors pop and quickly catch the eye no matter what side you see first. This card is great for printing on both sides.

  • 16pt High Gloss Front and Back
    This is our thickest stock and you will immedialy feel the stiffness of the card when you hold. Use this paper type when you want to make the quickest impact and set you cards apart from others.

  • 16pt Semi-Gloss Front
    This paper is thick and sturdy with a semi-gloss finish on the front of the card. The back of the card has a smooth and slightly glossy (gloss text) appearance which is good for writing upon. This paper choice will fit well with the polished professional.


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