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5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11

A well-designed flyer is a valuable tool in getting your message in the hands of potential and current customers. A colorful flyer will be effective in giving customers a quick feel for the products or services you offer as well as providing them with a means of contacting you.

We print on 5 different paper stocks that will meet your specific need.

  • 100# AQ Semi Gloss Text
    AQ stands for Aqueous Coating. This is a water-based coating added to the front and back of the flyer. The aqueous coating adds additional gloss and protection but still allows writing on the paper with a ballpoint pen.

  • 100# UV High Gloss Text
    UV stands for ultraviolet light-cured coating. This is a high gloss coating that is eye-catching and vibrant. This type of flyer will really shine when a potential customer holds it. This paper type is not recommended if you need to write on the paper after it has been printed.

  • 100# White Linen Cover
    This is a sturdy paper with a non-glossy appearance with a woven, linen finish. This type of flyer will give a luxurious fabric-like feel.

  • 70# White Linen Text
    This paper has the same non-glossy look as the 100# Linen with a lighter weight.

  • 70# Uncoated Smooth Text
    This stock is often used for stationary or business letterhead. This paper is perfect when you don't want a shinny appearance. A flyer or brochure printed on this paper will fold easily and provide a lighter weight than the 100# paper listed above.

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